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AWID in collaboration with other NGO distributing ration ,Masks, Soaps, Biscuits, Sweets to more than 100 families during the lock down.


Kindle for your feminist fire! Browse AWID’s research on funding, WHRDs, movement building, fundamentalisms, economic justice, feminist monitoring & evaluation.


AWID has been a part of an incredible ecosystem of feminist movements working to achieve gender justice and women’s human rights worldwide.


Discover the strategies and activities we implement with our members, allies and partners to advance women´s rights and gender equality around the world.


Our board members are a mix of policy makers, academics, researchers, funders and business people committed to gender equality.

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We shine a light on the current funding ecosystem, which range from self-generated models of resourcing to more formal funding streams.
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Gender mainstreaming at village level

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Entitlement & Schemes related to women

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Leadership training for aspiring women leaders


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Last Year Completed Projects

Supported By: SDTT through RNBA
Promotion of Food Security and Ensuring and sustainable Impact through System of Rice Intensification (SRI) supported by SDTT through RNBA.

Supported By: JTT through RNBA
Enhancement of Livelihood and Promotion of Food Security Program in Manipur (supported by JTT through RNBA).

Capacity Building for Active Involvement of Women in Governance (supported by CORDAID through WinG Manipur).

Supported By: APPI through RWUS
Strengthening the Role of Women’s Collectives in Local Governance and Decision making in North East (supported by APPI through RWUS).

Supporting, resourcing and strengthening
women’s rights movements globally

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