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Introduction of AWID

Action of Women in Development – AWID, is nonprofit and non political women headed Organization NGO based at Ukhrul District Headquarter working with the community in general and with women in particular at grass root level for food and livelihood security.

The society was constituted by a group of like minded women and men setting its VISION , MISSION, AIMS and OBJECTIVES as under:-

AWID Mission & Vision

Fostering gender equality and enhancing the status and rights of women through building awareness by conducting trainings, workshops, consultation and interaction process and also assimilation and dissemination of information.

AWID envisages a just, participatory and sustainable society in which women actively involved in decision making process, be it administrations, economic activities of society or households and any other spheres of life.

Fundrising for Goodness

Action of women in Development

AWID is a global, feminist, membership, movement-support organization working to achieve gender justice and women's human rights worldwide.

WID envisions a world where feminist realities flourish, where resources and power are shared in ways that enable everyone, and future generations, to thrive and realize their full potential with dignity, love and respect, and where Earth nurtures life in all its diversity.


Sponsorship - Share your abundance, not for a name but for this life’s game. You can sponsor us or help us raise funds.

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Donate and become rich-Yes, you become rich at heart by donating for a cause in the form of money or other essentials.

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we should include locations of field area and invite applications. That trigger button should be in our hands.

Deep sustainable change for women’s rights
requires women’s collective action and power

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