Project title :

Strengthening the role of Women and Women’s Collectives in Local Governance and Decision – Making in North East India.

Activity heads:
  • Baseline survey
  • Leadership training for aspiring women leaders.
  • Consultation and Focus Group Discussion with existing Women Elected representative to effectively participate in decision making
  • Personality development training, training for understanding rights, entitlements and schemes related to women
  • Meeting/Interface with relevant government Authorities, line departments and Village Apex bodies
  • Consultation with CSOs and CBOs for women rights programme in PRIs/ADCs
  • Interface with Tribal bodies and other relevant bodies
  • Endline survey.

Project title :

Resilience building of Socially and Economically excluded groups through ensuring rights and entitlement and through sustainable livelihood.

Activity heads:
  • Baseline survey
  • Formation, strengthening and perspective building of community based Organisation, Community leaders and their functional systems.
  • Advocacy, networking and alliance building through campaigns on livelihood rights.
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Mainstreaming local capacities for peace and working on Conflict
  • Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

Deep sustainable change for women’s rights requires
women’s collective action and power

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