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Since its inception, AWID has been working with community and women through network program activities. We organized and conducted workshops and short training courses for women and youths on gender, human rights, Local Capacity for Peace (LCP) and livelihood enhancement and skill development, with the fund received from networking NGOs. AWID has been working through network program activities with both local and state level NGO partners for addressing common issues and any other emerging issues. In addition to this we also take up food processing activity for sustaining the organization.

Currently, we are working on a project under CASA, New Delhi, titled- “Resilience Building of socially and Economically Excluded Groups through Ensuring Rights and Entitlements and Through Sustainable Livelihood”.

In this project we are working with 15 villages in Ukhrul District from the period 2018-2021.


Action of WOMEN IN development came into existence in 1987 with the intention and vision to enhance the life of women who were and are marginalized and victims of patriarchal system. The customary law and traditional practices which are not women friendly hamper the active participation of women in the society. With this in mind, a few like minded women and men started mobilizing and raised fund for consultation meeting and workshop to identify issues and problems of women and the valuable contribution of women in the family and society. The impact was very good and so we organized training on Awareness Building for widows and poor women under the traditional weaving program as part of the income generating activity.

Due to fund constraint, we applied for loan to UBI under DRI Scheme for the weavers as working capital which is payable in 3 years period with 4 percent interest. The demand increased so under the said schemes 70 women were benefitted.

Meanwhile within few years we got registered under Societies Act of Manipur in 1987 and also obtained FCRA in 2011. Gradually we started applying funds for projects and through their help we could take up many activities for the community.

Some of the main project activities we had implemented in the past years are:-
Supported By: SDTT through RNBA
Promotion of Food Security and Ensuring and sustainable Impact through System of Rice Intensification (SRI) supported by SDTT through RNBA.

Supported By: JTT through RNBA
Enhancement of Livelihood and Promotion of Food Security Program in Manipur (supported by JTT through RNBA).

Capacity Building for Active Involvement of Women in Governance (supported by CORDAID through WinG Manipur).

Supported By: APPI through RWUS
Strengthening the Role of Women’s Collectives in Local Governance and Decision making in North East (supported by APPI through RWUS).

With tireless effort and dedication we are working to bring positive changes and development for the community.

With tireless effort and dedication we are working to bring
positive changes and development for the community.

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